Terms and Conditions

Mitrin The Language School is an online language school. Currently there are no physical classes and no contact classes of any kind. All classes are solely held online via platforms such as Zoom, Wise, Google Classrooms/Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc.
“Student” means any individual who signs up for a language course with Mitrin.

“Guardian” means legal guardian, parent, friend or relative who signs on behalf of a student who is below 18 years of age for a language course with Mitrin.
“Mitrin” & “School” both represent Mitrin The Language School, its designated employees and teachers.

The following terms and conditions are part of the admission procedure.
➢ The student is presumed to have read, agreed and accepted these terms & conditions upon signing of the form.

➢ The student hereby confirms that he/she is 18 years of age or more on the day of his/her signing the admission form.

➢ If the Student is a minor, the same is confirmed on their behalf by their Guardian.

➢ The course and/or app logins, course materials and access to live online classes provided to the student will be for his/her use only. The student agrees to not distribute the same to others or reproduce any course material, in any form or manner.

➢ All fees are to be paid in advance on the due date failing which Mitrin reserves the right to expel the student from future classes.

➢ Any taxes, duties that get cut during the payment of fees due to requirements of their country, bank or credit card will be to the account of the student and the same will have to be adjusted in the next due payment.

➢ All fee payments must be inclusive of any statutory levies like taxes, duties as levied by the Government of India. Any tax or duty charged by the student’s country will have to be paid by the student and the same cannot be deducted from the fees.

➢ In between a course if there are any changes in statutory levies as decided by the Government of India the same will be applicable for the balance of the course.

➢ Any repeat classes or revision classes will be charged extra. If Mitrin cancels a class, it will make it up to the students by offering a compensation class or provide access to another live online class which has the same lesson, unless this is not possible due to unforeseen force majeure circumstances such as a security threat or a natural disaster. If such a compensation class is not provided and further classes are cancelled a pro rata refund or discount on future
classes will be provided to the student.
➢ If a student misses a class for any reason, Mitrin will not be able compensate such student, in any form or manner, for the same. However, a special request can be made to the teacher who will in turn check with the school and try to accommodate. The decision of the school will be final in such a case.

➢ Written requests for refunds pertaining to missing of classes or discontinuation of classes by the student will be only considered under the following exceptional circumstances
o Sudden ill health or accident – Request to be accompanied by a medical certificate
o Death or onset of a serious illness resulting in prolonged hospitalization or incapacitation of an immediate family member (Spouse, parents, siblings, children) – Request to be accompanied by any documented proof.
o New job appointment of the student or spouse or parents resulting in relocation – Request to be accompanied by appointment letter/proof of relocation.

➢ All refund request has to be sent in writing to puja.languages@gmail.com and mitrin.languages@gmail.com.

➢ All classes, teachers and curriculum of the class is set on the basis of the feedback of the student after the demo class. If during the course the student feels that the curriculum does not suite their requirement Mitrin cannot make any changes for the course or provide any refund.

➢ Mitrin reserves the right to set the curriculum of a course based on the level of proficiency of the student. A student will not be allowed to dictate the course curriculum as per their requirements. Any issues or doubts can be raised in writing to the above email addresses but the decision remains final with Mitrin.

➢ Mitrin reserves the right to expel a student (without any refund) if he/she intentionally damages or steals Mitrin property (digital), who is disruptive, is rude to or who harasses any course participant and/or staff member.

➢ Mitrin uses the services of teachers of multiple ethnicity and nationalities. Each language has multiple number of teachers depending on the batch strength, time of class and category of student. It is the sole prerogative of Mitrin and its staff to allocate students to a particular teacher.

➢ If the students have any issue with the allocated teacher, the same has to be taken up immediately with the school and the decision of the school in such matters are final.

➢ Any student that tries to establish a direct learning or commercial relationship with the teacher outside of the prerogative of Mitrin’s classes, will be immediately terminated from the school without any refund.

➢ The student confirms that she/he has access to the internet on a computer or mobile device, a webcam to use for weekly live online classes and computer headset (microphone and speakers) to enable her/him to do the course. The student is responsible for his/her equipment and software to enable him/her to do this course. If the student is unable to attend a class due to technical issues, the school is not liable to provide compensation classes or refund.

➢ The student will receive an e-certificate upon successful completion of the course. The student needs to inform Mitrin within one month of course completion if she/he has not received this certificate. The student is eligible for an e certificate only if he/she completes 95% of the course and is cleared by the Teacher.

➢ At the moment, any certificate provided by Mitrin cannot be used for regulatory or visa purposes and Mitrin does not take responsibility of any legal liability arising due to any representation by the student in regulatory or visa applications/requirements.

➢ Force Majeure: Mitrin shall not be liable to students for any breach of its obligations or termination under these terms and conditions arising from causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, war, fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and other Acts of God, terrorism, strikes, bandh, hartal, delay caused by transport disputes, failure to provide a course caused by lockdowns, pandemics or epidemics, Government edict or regulation