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Spanish is a fascinating language with a rich history. It is spoken in as many as countries around the world, making it a great choice for those looking to learn a new language. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so it can be useful for travel or for communicating with Spanish speakers. There are 20 countries that have Spanish as their official language



What You Will Learn

Spanish is also a relatively easy language to learn, making it a great choice for those looking to start learning a new language. There are many resources available online for those interested in learning Spanish, making it easy to get started. There are many advantages to learning Spanish, including improved career opportunities.  Learning Spanish can help you better understand other Romance languages, such as French or Italian.

From Asia to the Americas, there are many places in the world that speak Spanish with over 500 million speakers total, worldwide. And that’s pretty impressive. Simply put, if you can speak, read or understand Spanish, you’re already ahead of the game both personally and professionally, since Spanish is a global language. Furthermore, many Spanish-speaking countries have interesting cultures and histories, so learning the language can be a way to learn more about them.

Mitrin's Spanish Courses

Spanish Online Language Course


25-30 hours

Introduction to Spanish/Subject, Verb and Object concepts/Alphabets. Informal and Formal Greetings and Salutations Colors with a song and Video with Activity Basic months of the year/Seasons/Days of the week with Video Presentation Playing with Numbers with a song Introduction to Sentence Framing and Structure in Spanish Concept of ‘To-Be Verbs Usage of Articles and sentences with basic list of Nouns Concept of Infinitives Verbs and Conjugated Verbs.

Official and Unofficial Time asking and responding with Time related Words Basic List of Verbs to know to frame sentences with practice Members of the Family in Spanish with Video presentation Modal and helping words to frame sentences (want/can/need/have etc) Possessive Adjectives my/mine/his etc with sentences to practice Concept of question words like when/what/why/etc Formal self introduction in Spanish along with activities.



25-30 hours

Verb conjugation with basic verbs Usage of But/Because etc and how to respond. Review of present tense Past and future tenses along with verb conjugation More into nuances in sentence structures (Where noun/verb comes in a sentence in complicated sentences) Conjunctions in Spanish  How to hold a lengthy conversation in Spanish (advanced version) Imperative sentences formation  How to express yourself Listening skill practice  Mock tests for reading/listening/writing and speaking

Spanish Certification Course


DELE - A1 Level

60 hours

Focus is on imparting root level functional and cultural content with grammar knowledge to create a basic understanding of common words and vocabulary in the Spanish language. Learners will be familiarized with daily expressions and basic phrases. After completing level A1, trainees can introduce themselves to others in Spanish and vice versa, and a simple interaction can be gradually done in Spanish.


DELE - A2 Level

90 hours

A knowledge base is created where the learners can comprehend sentences and everyday used expressions on the areas of immediate relevance like personal and family details, interests, geographical details, employment information, etc. It is more about expressions and making basic sentences to converse in Spanish by a simple exchange of familiar and basic information about one’s background, family, environment, and education.


DELE - B1 Level

90 hours

Learning is on the description of events, situations, feelings, tenses, pronunciations, reading, and writing. Learners will be able to structure sentences in Spanish on their own. Slowly, learners will be able to understand regular information they encounter during their work, school, environment, etc in a much better way. They will be able to describe their aspirations, dreams, hopes, etc. in Spanish and can briefly provide explanations and reasoning of their plans.


DELE - B2 Level

160 hours

Focused deeply on dialects and complex thoughts. The candidate will learn to make a hypothesis on past and future and will be able to build long speeches in Spanish. Thereafter, it also includes learning technical aspects in a learner’s specialization. After completing the B2 level, the candidate will be confident enough to interact with the native speakers with a good degree of fluency without any problem with either party.


DELE - C1 Level

Depends on your understanding of previous levels

The candidate will gain knowledge in understanding the meaning of long texts. He will be able to express his thoughts and ideas fluently and effectively in the Spanish language. Candidates will be able to understand the implicit meaning of the text or conversation and can express their views and thoughts spontaneously without any lack of expressions. Trainees can efficiently communicate in Spanish for their professional, academic and social purpose by using clear and well-structured text on complex topics.


DELE - C2 Level

Depends on your understanding of previous levels

The learners will be able to structure the speech, express hypotheses, produce different texts. Basically, at this level, the candidate will be at ease in reading, writing, and understanding the Spanish language without any difficulty. The learner will now be proficient in summarizing information collected from various spoken or written resources and reconstructing it coherently. After completing the C2 level, candidates can express confidently, fluently, and precisely with a complete understanding of all the aspects of the Spanish language.

Beginner Friendly

We would be delighted to share more information about our language courses for beginners and advanced learners. You can write to us to find out more about our courses, or simply give us a call. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

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Start learning our Spanish online language course today. You will find the best online Spanish course available. We have a fabulous selection of Spanish short stories, children’s books and a wide range of learning resources to help you improve your Spanish conversation and pronunciation skills for both kids and grown-ups.

Online Class

Mitrin uses customized digital classrooms for its online language classes which allows the student to access world-class training sessions from the comfort of their home or office or from anywhere in the world.

Flexible Class Schedule

Learn new languages in the morning, afternoon, or evening based on the time slot convenient to you. Mitrin will find a teacher for your online class at a flexible time schedule.

Flexible Payment Plan

Mitrin’s payment plan is monthly and not for the entire course in one go. This gives a much required breather for the student and accountability for the teacher to ensure the standard of teaching does not fall.

E-Learning Materials

Mitrin provides online reading material continuously at every stage of the course program. This allows the students to learn and access all the course materials comfortably.

Assesment & Practice Test

Periodic assessments and tests are an essential part of learning languages and Mitrin provides such online language tests regularly to evaluate students and plan teaching strategies based on their results.

Seperate Adults & Kids Batch

The level of language awareness and age differences (among children) determines the formation of separate batches for adults and kids. Mitrin aims to create groups of students that are on the same pace.

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