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What We're All About

Mitrin is an online language school launched to facilitate language learning online through the Internet medium. Initiated with an idea of online Hindi Tutions during the lockdown, Mitrin’s Founder Puja saw a huge shortage of personalized online teaching for Hindi and other languages.

With Mitrin, the idea evolved into learning Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and foreign languages like Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Mandarin(Chinese) and more through the traditional tutor-classroom model but on the internet. 

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Mitrin’ means ‘friendly’. The idea behind Mitrin is to establish a friendly language teaching method in an interactive classroom model. This will enable the students to communicate better with the tutor, enhancing their learning abilities. To make this happen, we at Mitrin, ensure that the teachers/tutors are professionals who abide by quality teaching methods modified to suit online language learning. 

At Mitrin, we adopt teaching through powerpoints, role plays, debates, quizzes in addition to the conventional teaching method. A tutor will teach a batch of students in an online classroom. At necessary circumstances, the students will also be given individual attention. Both the teachers and students can be in the comfort of their homes or offices. The batches are flexible as needed by the students and teachers. 

Our team has taken the effort to add tutors from across the country for teaching the languages. This has also opened up a tutor base of people who were passionate about teaching and constrained in opening language schools due to lack of resources. Also, through Mitrin, students from all over the world can learn languages online. This gives potential students access to the learning of native Indian languages.

Our Founders

Mitrin language School
Puja Verma


Mitrin language School
Maddy Sutrave


Meet Our Instructors

Mitrin language School
Anamika Verma
Mitrin language School
Devi Saravanan
Mitrin language School
Harman Chawla
Mitrin language School
Mitrin language School
Kapil Dev
Mitrin language School
Monika Umesh
Mitrin language School
Renu Bajpai
Mitrin language School
Shikha Kumari
Mitrin language School
Smita Shenoy
Mitrin language School
Swapna Ullas

Our Policies

Privacy Poilcy

Mitrin collects contact information of inquiring students for its courses. This contact information is used only by Mitrin staff to contact the student and to design the courses. All contact details are kept confidential within Mitrin and not shared with any third party. Mitrin also does not collect any IT related information such as IP or any data that has not been willfully submitted by an inquiring student.

Cancellation Policy

Fees for courses will be refunded only if there is any cancellation of course or class by Mitrin. There is no refund in case the student chooses to pay and not attend the classes. Classes are on a fixed schedule and the student has to follow the schedule set. Cancellation of classes and refund of fees will not be allowed from the side of the student unless explicitly agreed by Mitrin. A detailed terms and conditions is available in the registration form.

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