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  • Our course content is designed to suit all the genre of adults and kids. The course covers aspects of Spoken English, Communication Language strategy, English Language training for Competitive Exams & many more.
  • We cater to college students, freshers, homemakers, MBA aspirants, working professionals, school students and anyone who is keen to learn the language.

Special courses for Kids 

  • Over all learning of language following Cambridge standards
  • School Tuition – We follow school curriculum and provide tuition for children (two classes per week)


English is a language that was brought by the people who lived in today’s Germany, southern Denmark and Netherlands region to Britain during 5th to 7th centuries A.D.  


English is spoken by 1/4th of today’s world and has become the official language of 67 countries.  Learning the English language can help you with: 

-Better job opportunities across different countries and verticals 

-Inter organization opportunities for better growth in career

-Building your intellect